NOTE: Sometimes the semi-transparent dark background doesn't show up until you refresh the page. Without it, the text is nigh-impossible to read. So if you can't read my posts without highlighting them, refresh.

If you want to know what to expect when you read my blog, the answer is, I have no idea. Sometimes I'll be on a roll and post three entries in as many hours, and some days I won't blog at all. Some days it will be on a serious matter, and some days I'll have had too much coffee to drink. My mind flits from subject to subject like the writers of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (this is one reason I have trouble finishing stories).

As an introvert, almost everything interesting in my world happens inside my head, so don't expect fascinating accounts of life. On that flitting subject, I've typed hundreds of thousands of words on computers and I make a lot of typos, not all of which I catch...not sure how that was related. Something about my brain and my fingers not working at the same speed. I leave out words on a regular basis, so if things don't always make sense, it may or may not be because of that.

Where were we?

Also, things often make more sense in my head than they do when they escape and I don't think about it until days later, so occasionally I may write an entry clarifying something I wrote two weeks ago, or I may just let you go on thinking that I have wacked ideas about the world or that I'm a stuffy, elitist intellectual or that I don't know how to read.

Now that you're properly warned about some of my odd habits, I'd to introduce you to the best worst song ever written.