Saturday, November 26, 2011

Proposal Story

I'm writing this post because several people have asked and it might cut the number of times I have to tell it down to 50 from 100. ;-)

I know I haven't blogged in a while, so here's a very abbreviated version of the backstory: Last year I started getting to know a young man named Alex over the internet, starting on a Christian filmmakers' forum. We got to know each other very well, in March he drove from his house in North Carolina to where I live in Georgia to meet, and we decided to date/court/whatever you want to call it. After hours and hours and hours of phone calls, hundreds of e-mails, many instant-messages, and half a dozen visits, he asked me to marry him last Sunday and I said yes. Here's that story.

My older sister and I went to visit Alex on Thursday. The day after that his water heater stopped working. So after two failed attempts to fix it when he got back from work Sunday (said failure was not his fault, by the way - he did everything right, but the plumber discovered another issue he couldn't have known about), we felt like getting out of the house for a while. We decided to go for a walk on the beach. It was overcast, but it cleared up some while we were there so we put a blanket on the sand and stargazed. I played with long shutter speeds on my camera for a while.

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Then we just stargazed and talked. At some point Alex asked me what my biggest regret would be if I died that night. I told him, and he said his would be me not knowing how much he loves me. I was like, aw, that's nice. I'm cold; can we go soon?

 A couple of minutes later I got up to leave. Alex only got up partway; he stayed on one knee and took my hand. Then he said something along the lines of, "The best way I know to express it to you is this," and here a thought flashed through my mind: He's going to ask, isn't he? "Will you marry me?"

He caught me completely off guard. I really didn't expect him to ask anytime soon, despite being pretty sure he wanted to marry me. So I think I said, "I don't know" about half a dozen times while I thought about it (hey, I wanted to be sure). I also said, "I'm cold and I have to go to the bathroom." Romantic, right? But I'd known for sure for a time that I didn't want to ever leave him, so I finally said yes.

He slipped a replica of Nenya (Galadriel's ring from The Lord of the Rings) on my left ring finger. He asked how it fit and I said it was a little loose. Then I decided to experiment to see if it would come off (I didn't think it actually would, but I wanted to know. I didn't think this through near as thoroughly as accepting his offer of marriage) and shook my hand around. Surprise, surprise, it fell off and landed in the sand somewhere. We hunted around for a bit using his phone screen as a light and I was just about to put my camera flash to use again when he found it. Phew.

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So, we're both very excited and happy and planning our nerd-themed wedding. :-D

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things To Do When You Go To A Con

Long time no blog. I've just returned from DragonCon (well, two days ago) (it was lots of fun, by the way), and in light of it I thought I'd share a few tips for the new or inexperienced or stupid con-goer. So here you are, a few things to do at a con:

1. If you wear a costume, take safety pins. You'd much rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them if you have a costume mishap. Safety pins can make pretty much anything wearable enough that you don't have to go home for fear of being arrested.

2. Drink water and eat food. You need to stay hydrated and keep your energy up for the best experience. You don't want to pass out when standing in line to hear Mercedes Lackey read or ask William Shatner questions (or pay $70 for his autograph), or in a crowded room looking at wonderfully nerdy goods you can buy online at half the cost. There are multiple reasons for this. If they take you to the hospital, you will miss a good bit of the con. And there is the possibility they will cut your costume off, especially if it may be restricting your breathing. If you're wearing a corset or a bodice, you will probably lose it. The chances of being kissed out of unconsciousness like Snow White by a strapping man in a Han Solo costume are slim. Plus passing out is not as romantic as it may seem (or so I've heard, as I've never passed out myself).

3. Get to panels as early as you can without missing other important stuff, especially if there are famous people involved. They can only let so many people in a room at a time, and lines form fast and early when TV and movie stars will be there.

4. Respect people, their costumes, and their personal space. They may look like your favorite character, but that doesn't mean you should tackle, hug, or kiss them without their permission. Their costume may be the best thing since Serenity, but that doesn't mean you should touch it. You don't know how sturdy it is, you don't want to ruin their day and their opinion of you by knocking the gears off their top hat, and they may feel about it the same way you feel about your kid brother handling the model you built of the Enterprise - before the paint dries.

That's all I have off the top of my head. Feel free to add to the list with a comment.