Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Okay. I really need to stop blogging for a time. Which is convenient, because I have to anyway. I'm flying to Colorado on the 4th and from the 7th to the 12th I won't have internet access to speak of. I return on the 12th and right after that my sisters and I'll be farm-sitting for some friends for a week and a half. I will have internet access there but I don't know how much I'll use it.

I'm a little excited about the Colorado trip (I'm not very excitable. At all. So a little excited is a lot excited for me). I'll be spending a week at a ranch in the mountains with a little over 20 other eccentric teenagers who are my best friends. We'll be doing writing workshops, critique groups, a play, a talent show, playing games, riding horses, talking as much as socially-challenged writers who converse more with the characters in their heads do, etc. Great. Now it sounds like rehabilitation for the insane. I assure you that we're all mentally sound, at least comparatively speaking.

I think my next writing goal is to finish the sci-fi story I wrote earlier this year. It's pretty short, so I might post it here when I'm done. I want to rewrite scene 5 and finish scene 6.

Yes, I listened to John Denver when I was a kid.

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