Sunday, July 25, 2010


...was the last meeting of my church in its current format (it met on Saturday nights because it started as a little prayer meeting). I am not going to miss it. I was as good as invisible 90% of the time.

Have a song. It makes me smile. B. Reith is one of my favorite artists. His music is so...real. Yes, he is dorky. Lovably so.

It's interesting how people do the same thing they're trying to avoid through their attempts to avoid it. They want to be themselves. Something to do or say enters their mind that someone else would approve of. They realize this and because they don't want to conform to other people's opinions or expectations or change themselves to suit others, they do the opposite of the idea. But by this they're still allowing those expectations, etc. to direct their choices - it's just in a different direction. Half the time they don't know what they really want - to do, say, be. They don't stop to ask themselves.

On a lighter note, last night (Friday, I think) I saw, crawling down one of our hallways, the biggest spider I have ever met outside of a zoo. It was a couple of inches long. I'm the person my sisters call when they need a bug killed (sometimes I catch them and let them outside with my bare hands [the bugs, not my sisters] *flexes muscle...or maybe that's my humerus bone, no pun intended*), but that freaked even me out for a moment. I smashed it with a boot and then flushed it down the toilet for good measure.

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  1. I dun like spiders. I killed a black widow yesterday. the spider type. o.o That could be taken the wrong way.