Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is the Title I Decided On

You know, I like getting comments on my blog posts. So even if you don't know me and/or hate my guts (or my toes, or my ideas, or my personality) feel free to comment.

On that note, I'm one of those people who would rather have someone tell me they have a real problem with me than keep it to themselves or talk about it to other people without talking about it to me or post one of those Facebook statuses where they complain about people on their friends list without naming names. The worst ending of a friendship I went through happened because someone took some things I did entirely the wrong way and didn't talk to me about it until they'd decided not to be friends anymore (but it was ultimately for good because, while it was very difficult for a long time, God turned it around and used it to show me things I needed to see and deepen my trust in Him). Please don't do this to your friends. They deserve a chance to explain their motivations and meanings.

If you ever have serious concerns about anything I say or do, I will seriously consider them. This isn't a promise to change my ways because I'm accountable to God, not you, but I will take any concerns before Him.


  1. Guilt trip facebook statuses are the worst. Possibly my least favorite way ever of implying that you have a problem with someone.

    And yes, I am finding out more and more that it's better when people come right out and say what they have an issue with... it usually ends up saving so much drama.

    And on a more lighthearted note, I will be sure to spam you with comments. Because I know that it's way better to get comments on blogs than otherwise. :P

  2. Open request for comments? You got it! I should probably make a real blog on here, too... but we'll see. :) For now, I follow.

    Excellent point about keeping up direct communication with people, like friends, especially if there's an issue you should talk about. Sorry you had a bad experience, but glad to hear God used even that for good. :)