Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Purple Alien Jellyfish

Staying up really late seemed like a better idea then than it does now. At least I don't regret deciding to sharpie part of my hair purple sometime between 2 and 3 AM (don't worry, it doesn't stay in very long).

I dreamed that aliens were attacking but I pacified them and they all turned into little girls and started braiding each other's hair, so now I'm in good standing with the queen and the chief falconer.

Oh look! Someone remixed Jellyfish (you can find the original, which is way better because of the video, on my "About" page [no particular reason], but this one sounds cool [about as cool as that song can sound, anyway]).

When you're writing a story from the point of view of a blind character, remember not to forget that he or she is blind. I did that yesterday and had to go back and change a few things, like mentioning the scientist was in a white lab coat.

I want to learn to play the ocarina. Maybe when I get paid for this dog-sitting job I can afford the one I picked out online. They're not very expensive (especially compared to most other musical instruments).

Now go help end hunger and improve your vocabulary. You can do both at the same time at the link I provided.


  1. Maybe your blind character is subconsciously a mind reader and could tell that the scientist was wearing a white coat because s/he read someone's mind. ... Or maybe not.

  2. That would explain it. I'm pretty sure he's not, though.