Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh yeah...

I almost forgot to blog today.

I noticed tonight that I use the left side of the keyboard significantly more than the right, or at least I did while I was word-warring tonight. My left arm is weary. I got some of the biggest numbers so far (for me) this summer tonight. Most of the word-wars were around 10 minutes long, and while I usually get approximately 320 to 480 words in that time, give or take a dozen, tonight I reached as much as 652.

My typing record is 121 words in a minute (but in normal circumstances I never type that fast).

I have a little over 26,000 words now. It's not my original 2k-a-day goal, but at least I'm on track for reaching 50k by the end of the month.

I'm so tired that for a little while, I went off on a tangent about a man named Allard the Duck and his dog, Dustan the Adventurer of Great Old Times in May in New Hampshire. Allard wanted to write a story about his dog but only managed one paragraph because he kept browsing the internet. Then I returned to my normal (if you want to call it that) story.

While in the chatroom we use for word-warring, it was pointed out that one could change their display name without changing their forum name. So we ended up with BarbaraManatee (that was me *cough*), TheMoose, PlotPoodle, SnugglyPanda, and something about a pony, while our normal usernames are Zephyr, Rivus, Legossi, Tippie, and ShatteredSerenity (this is on a Clean Place member's site, not Clean Place). :P Sadly, no one else joined the word wars after we changed our names, so there was no one to confuse.

Bass Hunter makes me happy. When I listen to his songs, I get flashbacks of the time I spent in Texas in April (staying with friends from Clean Place), where I was first introduced to his music (the lyrical quality of which is generally delightfully cheesy).

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  1. Nice word war scores!

    I was hoping other people would join too, so we could confuse them. Maybe more people will show up tonight.