Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's the weekend, so I've been using it as an excuse to watch movies. My older sister and I watched The Book of Eli Thursday evening (which isn't the weekend, but whatever). I was a little apprehensive at first but am pleased to report I was not scarred for life. It has more graphic violence and foul utterances in it than the movies I usually watch. I wasn't sure just how graphic the violence would be so I held a pillow at nose-level and whenever there was a fight, I put the corner between my eyes, effectively blurring things. It was an interesting movie. I like the concept quite a bit. But it brought up something that has been on my mind off and on over the months - when, if ever, is it morally justifiable for a Christian to kill someone? I don't know the answer.

Last night I watched Bella. It 's sweet, though the pacing is a bit off (slow for a long while with a rushed ending). I even teared up once or twice. And there is a Jon Foreman song in it. Happiness.

And then, today, I watched Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events because I bought it and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen used off for $3 each and wanted to make sure it plays without a problem (it does). I've seen it a couple of times before. It's too dark for some people but I like it.

A fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is being made. Please, shoot me now. I like the first. The second was worse, and the third was terrible, because they slowly turned all of the characters into villains. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley (a.k.a. Will & Elizabeth) aren't going to be in it. Jack Sparrow is the main focus. Penelope Cruz is playing his love interest. Blackbeard is the antagonist (the only thing even mildly appealing I've heard about the film). Interesting how the two characters in media I think need to die the most are both named Captain Jack - Captain Jack Sparrow of PotC and Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and its spin-off (at least he's not in very many Doctor Who episodes, and I wouldn't touch the spin-off, Torchwood, with a standard-issue ten-foot pole*). Regrettably, both seem to be immortal in their respective stories.

I'm more or less back on schedule for SuNoWriMo. I wrote 3,000 words last night and 3,000 words the night before. Whee

Now I am going to play Wii Fit (which I am laughably bad at) because I went jogging outside the other day and when I reached the top of the worst hill in our neighborhood, I almost passed out. Bothersome Georgia heat.

*Hero, Second Class reference. It's a good book. You should read it. If you like fantasy. Or making fun of fantasy.

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