Thursday, July 29, 2010


And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast, whatever that is.

Pretend that never happened.


Instead of burning my story, which I would still like to do at some point, I celebrated the end of that dreadful excuse for a novel by watching movies half the day (what? I like movies). Firstly I watched Blade Runner, because 1) it's sort of a nerd classic and 2) Ridley Scott directed it. He also directed Gladiator and the recent Robin Hood movie, two films I enjoyed very much, so I was curious about Blade Runner. It was...interesting. I would be very selective in who I recommend it to. There are a few parts I really disliked.

I wanted a change of mood so I watched Kung Fu Panda, one of my favorite animated films, and this evening put in another movie I'd never seen, Hero. I put it in our massive Netflix queue and bumped it to the top and it came in today (well, Monday, but that disk had a crack in it; the watchable disk arrived today). My family didn't think much of it. My little sister left partway through the beginning and my mom and older sister are glad they didn't pay money at a theater for it.

I, on the other hand, loved it. I completely understand if foreign films aren't your thing, but I highly appreciate it on various artistic levels. The story is excellently crafted. I wasn't impressed in the beginning but it turned out like an onion - layers were peeled back until the core of the story was revealed. You have to pay attention or you'll miss something and won't understand it. There's some beautiful cinematography and the score is stunning at times. There's a shifting of color to represent differences in the layers. A qualm people may have is with the ending, but I like sad stories. As soon as it was over I got on and ordered a like-new copy for five bucks from their used section. I may be watching it by myself, but I'll be watching it again.

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