Friday, July 9, 2010

For Every Moment

I don't think I have anything to say right now that would be edifying OR make you laugh because I've had a very strange week, so I'm going to post a poem I wrote years ago. It feels very far away now, not in that it's any less true, but that I've changed so much since I penned it. I don't even like it anymore, but maybe someone will find it helpful. It's punctuated & capitalized the way I first learned to write poetry. A few of the forced rhymes nigh make me grimace (which is one reason I don't rhyme much in poetry anymore), but it's okay.

For moments when my soul feels rubbed raw
For moments when places in my heart need to thaw
For moments when I feel I’ve lost it all
For moments when so far I fall

I need to remember You’re here with me
Even in the dark when I cannot see
I need to remember Your love for me
That binds these chains and sets me free

For moments when my hope is dim
For moments when all life seems grim
For moments when fears come in the night
For moments when I lose view of the light

I need to remember Your faithfulness
I need to remember You’ll never love me less
No matter what I do You’re at my side
And there is no darkness in which I can hide

For moments when I’m drowning in my tears
For moments when I’m haunted by old fears
For moments when I feel alone
For moments when my life seems a dry bone

I need to remember Your love never fails
And brings me back when I’m off on bunny trails
I need to remember You’re holding me
And let You open my eyes so I can see

For moments when my spirit’s in turmoil
For moments when emotions boil
For moments anguish breaks my heart
For moments when I feel apart

I need to remember Your light will never fade
And there is a reward for those who dive instead of wade
Your river of life will sustain my soul
The gift You gave is what makes me whole

For moments when I have no friend
For moments when I just want to let the enemy win
For moments when the world closes in
For moments when I’m suffocating in past sin

I need to remember You died and rose for me
I need to remember Your blood set me free
By Your strength I can overcome
So now into Your waiting arms I run.

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