Monday, June 28, 2010


When I type in the "Labels" bar on the post creator/editor, the letters turn into these characters: ठेसइ अरे थे चरक्टेर्स ठाट थे वोर्ड्स तूर्ण इन्तो. आईटी इस कुइते इन्तेरेस्तिंग.

Here's the alphabet: अ बी क डी इ फ ग ह इ ज क ल म न ओ प क्यू र स टी उ व् व क्ष य ज

I guess it has something to do with me enabling translation of my blog into Hindi (I stumbled across the option and spontaneously decided to enable it). But I don't know why it's doing that to me. I find it entertaining (I am easily amused).

Soo...yeah. Goodnight. Here's a music video of one of my favorite songs (Said video contains PG-13 violence. Ye be warned).

[1 minute later] Eureka. Apparently that translation enabler adds a button to your post-editing toolbar that when clicked, translates your posts into the selected language as you write them. I guess I should have read the rest of the description of that option in the first place. Apparently I clicked the button at some point, and the reason it wasn't changing my blog post - just the labels - is that I was in the HTML editor. I switched to "Compose" and it started changing everything. Um...I was out most of the day shopping and then went jogging in the heat. गूद्निघ्त फॉर रियल नो.

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