Monday, June 28, 2010


Restless mind,
roving here and roving there,
why has the night got you astir?
Daylight fades,
leaving your gaze turned inward
to thought-paths trailing through the dark -
worn from travel,
stained with tears of blood
from nights the dagger twisted
and the Voice did not return your call.
Restless mind,
lilies spring along your length,
planted in the hours you persevere.
Their edges glow in moonlight
streaming through holes torn in your walls
where fingers reached out,
nails grasped for freedom
from the prison of your pain.
Sleep is here to claim you,
You finally heed the plea.
Sorrow seeps back
into the cavern behind your eyes
as sunlight crests the bailey,
spilling paradise through your window.

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